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‘Porous border help Pak ISI handlers infiltrate into India’

‘Porous border help Pak ISI handlers infiltrate into India’
The ‘porous’ Indo-Bangladesh border helps Pakistani ISI handlers infiltrate into India. They manage to gain entry to the country with the help of local ISI agents in India and Bangladesh, Pakistan-based ISI agents arrested inn the espionage racket, supported by ISI, told the police.

The arrested ISI agents, including Pakistani nationals, told interrogators that the Pak-based agents infiltrate into the  country by crossing the river between India and Bangladesh. 

“It is comparatively very easy to cross the river and enter India than infiltrating via the Indo-Bangladesh border, which is 65 per cent fenced,” one of the arrested Pakistan-based ISI agent told the police.

He said since they are from Pakistan, it is difficult for them to enter India following the laid-down norms and make contacts related to their operation. Besides, they do not get a suitable accommodation. So, most ISI agents from Pakistan follow a route, which is via Bangladesh to India. In the meantime, they manage to get their fake Indian passport and other identity proofs such as Voter ID and Adhar cards made.

“These ISI agents spend a few days in Bangladesh on their Pakistani passport. Then, the agent based in Bangladesh helps them infiltrate into India by crossing over the porous border illegally. In the meantime, the agent gives them sufficient documents that help them procure Indian identity proofs. After entering India via western borders, they halt either in West Bengal, Assam or Western Uttar Pradesh,” a source close to investigation told Millennium Post.

According to the source, ISI agents in India help the Pakistani handlers in getting forged Aadhar and Voter ID cards made. They also help Pakistani handlers in getting a safe accommodation. 

Becoming a sleeper cell for few months, they leave for other parts of the country and cultivate the Armymen spying for Pakistan.

To avoid suspicion, the Pakistani handlers, on the basis of forged documents, marry Indian women. This helps them avert suspicion by security agencies, police said. 

Notably, the same modus operandi was followed by Mohammed Ijaz, arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police. He married a woman in Bareilly and she is eight-month pregnant now. After his arrest she did not want to “bring up” a child, whose father is a spy and “betrayed” her country.

“These Pakistani agents then cultivate the Armymen and civilians to enter into the spying racket. They lure them by offering them a handsome money. In most cases, they target Muslims and motivate them towards ‘jihad’. In this way, the target accepts the deal and starts spying for Pakistan by providing confidential and classified documents related to Indian security at the borders,” the source added quoting Ijaz’s interrogation.
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