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Politics dirty, agitation sacred: Anna Hazare

Continuing to attack Arvind Kejriwal-led group on the issue of going political, anti-graft crusador Anna Hazare on Sunday said that he had always opposed the political alternative and had raised few questions from the pro-political party faction, but did not get answers from them.

'I did not give an alternative. I was told that an alternative has to be given to the people.  I had said that it is a good idea but I asked them to answer my 5-6 questions on the issue of forming a political party. But I did not get the answers of my questions from them,' said Hazare.   
Sources say that Hazare had raised questions to the pro-political group like - how they would manage funds for contesting elections and from where it will come from; how will they select candidates for contesting elections; who will be the members of their proposed political party, how would the office-beareres be selected; how would they insure that once elcted people's representative, they would stand committed for anti-corruption and service of the people and nation.  
Hazare, in the national capital to chalk out strategy for its future course of action after split from Kejriwal and his supporters, is meeting social activists, retired bureacrats and other eminent citizens of the country for finalising his new team.

Hazare said that the path of poltics is not sacred and is full of dirt and the route of agitation is sacred. Hazare said that politics will not give the country its future, rather a big movement will give.

'When I talk about alternative, it is not about political alternative. If I had to enter elections, I would have done so much earlier. I have not even fought a panchayat election. Politics is not the right direction. Had it been so, India would not have mortgaged gold even when it was once called a golden bird. The country will not get a right future from politics,' Hazare said.
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