Political plight on Delhi stage

Political plight on Delhi stage
Darkness Engulfs the nation when the ruler is a wreck. How apt is the quote in today’s scenario. In fact, if critics are to be believed, the Indian government is going through a similar plight with brickbats being thrown at the government on a regular basis. Director Anurag Dixit aims to bring about a change and not through criticism, but with the help of creativity.

Dixit, adapted the play Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja originally written by B Bharatendu Harishchandra in 1881, and talks about how foolish rulers can destroy the whole kingdom.

‘The play is a very popular comedy and is a satire based on our political system. We aim to create awareness for the next generation through music and performing arts which are the real motivators unlike essays and lectures at education institutes,’ said Dixit.

‘The play is quite relatable in today’s time. Many people feel that our prime minister is like a puppet actually led by Sonia Gandhi. We have played around with politics in a comic and satirical manner,’ added the 34-year-old.

The one-hour play, which took almost three months to put on stage, casts all young actors in the age group of six to 14 years.

So was it difficult to make them perform? ‘Not really, all the children belong to the Musicology Drama course (at an institute in Noida) and hence are honed in the art. I believe in the holistic development of a child in today’s time and since a child’s mind is highly prone to conditioning, the story is adapted in a way which will act as a teacher than a problem,’ said Dixit.

How about the other elements of theatre aesthetics? ‘There is minimal use of lighting and props because I have tried to create maximum impact through the performances. The costumes and light props are in sync with the storyline,’ he said.


At: Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House
When: 1 February
Timings: 5.30 pm onwards
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