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Political and crafty!

Political and crafty!
Inspired by the current socio-political scenario of India and by PM Modi’s Chai Pe Charcha, artiste Saudamini Misra has created a series of installations and sculptures.

The Kettle (Harbinger of Achhe Din)- The rise of Narendra Modi from the humble beginning of a chaiwala to a national icon carrying the promise of better times, inspired this sculpture. The Kettle is an indispensable icon of Indian household that goes beyond the class strata. Rich, poor or middle class; the kettle is part of everyone’s life. The little clock signifies memories, progression and transition.

The Typewriter- This is a commentary on Indian authors who capitalise on the poverty of India by making it their ‘original’ subject, in order to win international acclaim. The irony is that the so called Indian author himself belongs to that privileged strata of Indian society where his financial well being affords him the time and luxury to write away his time.

One Rupee Airplane: The wooden airplanes sculpted by Mishra take us beyond its work. Their inner energies reflect the growth of the country’s economy and that of bilateral trade. It is symbolic of the global economic nexus which is now becoming all the more conspicuous with the formation of the new government.
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