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Police’s ‘Crime-Criminal-Search’ app now available for public

After its success in ensuring better policing across the state, Bengal Police on Thursday partially released its Crime-Criminal-Search mobile phone application for common people ahead of the Kali Puja.

The release comes at a time when the state police have taken all sorts of steps to avoid untoward incidents during Kali Puja and Diwali.

Surajit Kar Purkayastha, DGP, said: “The app has been used by 1,680 policemen across the state in the past one year and it helped them immensely in crime detection and to ensure better policing for the people. From today, everyone can access some of the benefits of the app.”

In terms of the safety and security of people in the upcoming festival, Purakayastha said: “There was no trouble during Durga Puja with the cooperation of the people. We once again request the people for similar cooperation. If there is any problem, let the police know. And people can now also use the app to inform the police if they find anything suspicious.Moreover, they can also lodge complaints if anyone puts pressure for donation and bursts banned firecrackers.”

The Crime-Criminal-Search app contains records of 2,44,538 criminal acts and 2,01,682 criminals. The app has been developed by the Criminal Investigation Department. Policemen use the app to search details of any crime or a related criminal as and when required.

Investigating officers can also use the app to alert concerned policemen using the app about a person who needs to be arrested. The criminal’s details can be uploaded through the app and it can be viewed by all its users. Similarly, details of vehicles involved in a crime can also be uploaded. Moreover, a policeman can go through the daily crime report of the state just by logging into the app.

However, common people – who cannot use some features of the app for which a username and password is required – can use the app to get the location of the nearest police station. One can also navigate to the station using the app. 

The app will also provide contact details of the nearest police station so that users can contact them in any emergency. One can also search details about a particular vehicle using the app. After entering the registration number, details of the vehicle  including whether it was used in any crime will be shown
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