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Police want to kill him in an encounter, alleges Gadoli’s sister

In a press conference held by the family members of gangster Sandeep Gadoli, the family expressed their concern about the safety of the gangster. His sister blamed the police for his life being in danger as the police plan to “kill him in an encounter”. His sister expressed concern about his safety and security stressing upon the fact that he has been involved in more than 30 cases.

The gangster’s sister alleged on Tuesday that Gurgaon Police want “to kill” her brother Sandeep Gadoli in an “encounter”. She claimed that Gadoli has nothing to do with the crime rate in Gurgaon and has been falsely accused in many criminal cases.

The dreaded criminal is wanted in around 33 cases and has a reward of Rs 25,000 on his head. Police sources also revealed that he heads a 32-member gang and is involved in cases of murders, extortions and land grabbings. In October, he had allegedly shot a man of his rival Binder Gujjar’s gang.

The family claimed that when Gadoli was in jail for one and a half years, then the police had named him in many crimes as well. They even shared CCTV footages in which Gadoli was shown to be at home at the time when a crime had happened, despite that he was named in that crime.

“My brother is being framed in a lot of cases. The police falsely accused him even when he was not even present at the scene of crime many times. We are worried about my brother’s safety because we know that the police now want to kill him in an encounter,” said Gadoli’s sister Sudesh.

The family claimed that Gadoli has not been involved in any criminal activities for the past three years. Instead, he has been a good samaritan and has been helping the needy.
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