Police start interrogating Neel Fonseka’s client

Police start interrogating Neel Fonseka’s client
The police on Thursday started interrogating another woman, who was well known to Neel Fonseka, in connection with the murder of the latter’s wife and twins.

The investigating officers claimed that they have identified the woman who had visited Fonseka’s house on the day of the incident. 

“We cannot name the woman right at this moment for the sake of investigation. But it is confirm that she went to the house on the same day. She had left the place without meeting anyone,” a police officer said. 

Fonseka used to run a business of interior decoration. Investigation revealed that on the day when Fonseka’s wife and twins were killed, one of his clients visited his house. 

After reaching Fonseka’s residence, the client asked her driver to call him. 

The driver went into the house and knocked Fonseka’s bedroom door repeatedly but no one opened it. 

Fonseka’s mother, who opened the main gate, asked his sister-in-law to call him. By that time the driver had returned to the car, which was parked around 500 metre away from the house, and informed the woman that Fonseka was not opening the door of his bedroom. 

But the woman had again sent the driver again to call Fonseka. Returning to the house, the driver found him sitting on a sofa with severe injuries. 

He immediately returned to the car and narrated the incident to the woman. Subsequently, the woman had asked the driver to start the car and she had left the place. 

“The interrogation of the woman is on. But it is still not possible to interrogate Fonseka owing to his poor health,” an officer said. 

In reply to a question whether Fonseka will be arrested once declared fit by doctors, the officer replied that “he will be arrested if he is found guilty after interrogation”. 

Meanwhile, Fonseka’s sister-in-law has also been questioned on Thursday. 

Police said there were no discrepancies in her statement. “But something is missing in her statement about the later part of the incident, which means she is yet to reveal what actually had happened after Fonseka had opened the door of his room,” a police officer said.
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