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Police quiz man who saw Aabesh die in car park

The police on Monday interrogated a person in connection with the mysterious death of 17-year-old Aabesh Dasgupta. The man was was found to be standing as a mere spectator during the teenager’s death in the basement of Sunny Park Apartment.

Police have identified the person after going through the footage of a surveillance camera. Though they did not disclose the identity of the person – who was found to not have taken any action to help Aabesh – a senior police officer said that he was interrogated on Monday to know the reason as to why he remained silent when he found a boy writhing in pain after receiving a severe injury.

Police said that the person, of a bulky built, was standing very close to the spot where the incident took place. In the footage, he was seen looking at the friends of Aabesh rushing towards the victim when he fell on the ground and eventually bled to his death.

Sources said that the person had failed to give any satisfactory answer to the questions of the investigating officers and just said that he remained silent or didn’t take any initiative to help them as it was against his will to get involved with “their matters.”

Members of the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which was formed to probe into the incident, have questioned four security personnel of the apartment and drivers of some residents. Nine friends of Aabesh were also questioned on Monday. Six of them were present at the spot where the victim passed away and they had also attended the birthday party where Aabesh was invited as well.

But three others were neither present in the party on the day of the incident, nor did they have any direct link with the death. Sources said that police interrogated these three friends to verify certain statements of the six other friends who had been questioned on Monday and a few times earlier.
Two employees of Princeton Club, where Aabesh and his friends had had lunch, were also interrogated on Sunday. It is learnt that the employees of the club were questioned to get more details about the activities of some friends of Aabesh on July 23.

On Sunday, police had questioned writer Amit Chowdhury and some friends of Aabesh once again before preparing the final report of the findings of the SIT. The purpose was to get their clarification on the delay in taking Aabesh to hospital.
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