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Police looking for the uninvited couple who decamp with valuables

They are uninvited guests at a wedding. They come, they steal and they vanish. A couple has caused much of a nuisance at Delhi’s weddings, where they pretend to be invitees and decamp with the bag of jewellery.

The Delhi police has prepared a sketch of the couple who are striking at banquet and marriage halls and walk away with valuables, especially cash bags given in ‘shagun’ along with gold and 
diamond sets.

The first case was reported from Kadkaddooma in Shahadra on November 30 where a man and a woman are seen sitting confidently on the stage in an engagement party.

However, after some time the hosts realised that they have lost a bag containing valuables and around Rs 4 lakh. The CCTV footage zeroed in on a couple who was seen walking away with the stolen items. The theft was committed in broad daylight.

A week later on December 8, a Junior Engineer complained that while he was attending his nephew’s marriage at GO’s mess in Civil Lines in North Delhi, someone stole a bag containing gold neck set, gold earrings, diamond tops and cash worth around Rs 7 lakh. The police while investigating got to know about a suspicious girl and the cops were quick enough to suspect if the two cases 
are related given the same modus operandi.

The photo of the girl from the CCTV grab of the previous incident was shown to this family and they quickly recognised the girl, linking the two cases as one.

Now, the Delhi police is looking for this confident couple who dress up to attend a wedding and later commit the theft capitalising on the hesitation that no one cares to ask the guests which side they are from.
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