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Police deliberately trying to prove something: AAP

Police deliberately trying to prove something: AAP
Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday alleged there was an attempt to politicise the death of constable Subash Tomar and accused Delhi Police of ‘deliberately trying to prove something’.

‘The situation which is shaping up in the aftermath of the rape (of the 23-year-old woman) and subsequent protests and death of Subash Tomar suggests that there is an attempt to politicise the whole issue,’ AAP said in a statement. ‘The repeated lies of Delhi Police, in particular, suggest that it was either trying to hide something or deliberately trying to prove something in this case,’ it alleged. The party alleged that Delhi Police had failed to produce even a single witness which will prove that he was beaten by the protesters and alleged it had tried to mislead the whole investigation before also.

‘The accusations levelled by the Delhi Police official who had gone to record the statement of the gang rape victim also suggest that the police were making moves to prove a preconceived story,’ AAP said.

The party also raised doubts about the arrest of eight people in this regard. However, it maintained that if anyone of them is found guilty, he or she should be strictly punished.
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