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Pointless melodrama

Shorgul is a political drama which can be related to the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and stars Jimmy Shergill, Ashutosh Rana, small screen actors Eijaz khan, Hiten Tejwani and Aniruddh Dave. Debutant, Suha Gezen tries her best to match up to the acting skill of her co-stars with her performance.

Jimmy Shergill plays a political leader who strongly convinces people to believe in Hinduism and not to tolerate anything against their religion. He influences people to be rigid about their religion. While Ashutosh Rana, a village Pradhan believes in humanity. Both, Jimmy and Ashutosh have performed brilliantly if compared to their other roles. Hiten plays a young man whose only purpose is to save his girl Suha Gezen from the clashes between the two communities- Hindus and Muslims. Eijaz khan and Suhan Gezen play college students. 

The story revolves around the political leaders using an incident between the two communities to induce a religious war. It shows how a love story involving two people from different religious backgrounds can cause chaos and violence in a city. You can see heavy pro and anti religion dialogues in the film. There is a potential to begin with and the subject of the film is meaningful, however it has not been executed well enough for the audience to understand. A total mess has been created of the political drama. 

The directors, Pranav Kumar Singh and Jitendra Tiwari have not done an appreciable job. The direction is very amateurish. Actors seem to just throw loud dialogues and with the extreme violence throughout the film, the audience might soon lose interest. Despite the good efforts made by the directors, to give the audience a content to think upon, they fail to captivate the viewers. The first half of the film is simple and straight, while the second half has been made extremely complicated only to add some entertainment to the story.

The background score has just been randomly adjusted to the scenes. Even the cinematography is just fine. The junior artists have have been caught looking at the camera in various scenes. Overall, Shorgul is an avoidable film for the weekend unless you have nothing else to do and waste time over a messed up political drama.
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