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PM’s veiled dig at Pak

In a veiled dig at Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said “some neighbours” don’t understand that issues can be resolved peacefully by talks as he cited the example of Bangladesh with which decades-old disputes, including boundary question, were solved.

Talking about how disputes with Bangladesh were solved, he said: “We presented an example before the world that by talking, issues can be resolved with neighbouring countries. (But) some neighbours do not understand this. Now, how can we change our neighbours? They will also understand some day.” 

However, Modi refrained from naming Pakistan. He  was apparently referring to this country with which there are several disputes and India wants these to be resolved through talks.

“Sometimes, we wonder whether there can be solutions to problems with neighbours....There was a land dispute with Bangladesh since that country was born in 1971. Since then, the question was pending. One issue was about water-sharing, another about demarcation of boundary in the sea and third about land boundary,” Modi said addressing a gathering of Indian diaspora here.

“You would be happy to know that after our government came, without firing any bullet, without any fight, by just sitting with Bangladesh, the border dispute was ended. Whoever had to come to India, they came, whoever had to go to Bangladesh they went, the border was dermarcated and now fencing work is going on there. The disease of infiltration will also end and both the countries will live peacefully and happily. Water dispute has also been resolved,” Modi said.
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