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PM warns of action against those who ‘snatch’ tribal rights

Natural resources in forests should not be exploited at the cost of tribals living there, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said, warning those who "snatch" their rights of stringent action.

Inaugurating the first-ever national tribal carnival, Modi said natural resources are mostly in forested areas which are inhabited by tribals and, while pursuing development goals, mineral resources should not be extracted in a way which is detrimental to their interests.

"There is need to extract iron ore, coal but it should not be done at the cost of tribals," he said. 

He said no one should get the opportunity to "snatch" away the rights of the tribals, and those who do, will face stringent action.

The Prime minister said, in the past, while iron ore and coal were extracted, tribal people of mineral bearing areas never benefited from it. He said following the introduction of a scheme to impose cess, the money so collected is now being utilised to expand facilities, including infrastructure, to benefit the tribals.

The government, Modi said, is now pushing for advanced technology which ensures that the environment is not severely affected in the process of mining.

Gasification of coal in underground facilities at the excavation sites is helping control pollution and damage to the health of the people in surrounding areas.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister also pitched for start-ups to brand and export tribal goods to domestic and foreign markets. He said once people start buying goods manufactured by tribals, it would help in their economic empowerment.
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