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PM has lunch in Parl canteen, pays Rs 29 for ‘thali’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday surprised some MPs having lunch in Parliament’s canteen as he suddenly landed there to join them, perhaps becoming the first person to hold the post to do so, and paid Rs 29 for a vegetarian ‘thali’ (meal).

Around 18 MPs were having lunch, sitting in small groups on different tables, in Room Number 70, when Modi landed there at 1 PM. The room on the first floor of Parliament building is for MPs. The Prime Minister greeted the MPs. Some of them came to introduce themselves to him, according to the canteen staff.

Then he sat on a table, already occupied by three MPs and ordered food. “Anything special, sir,” canteen in-charge B L Purohit asked the Prime Minister. “No, I want normal vegetarian thali,” Modi replied.

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