Playing peace in Capital city

Playing peace in Capital city
Get set for a date with the Northeastern culture and music. Artistes from Manipur and Meghalaya with their groups are here to entertain at a two-day festival of ‘Cultures of Peace’, which would include talk and music as well.

They aim to showcase the culture of Northeast through literature, art, performances and dialogues.  

Rida Gatpoh and her group of five from Shillong will be performing here. They will be playing traditional instruments and singing folk songs. ‘We are in search of the ideal way to create a meaningful experience while retaining a high degree of artistic integrity. The stories we share are open ended, making our interaction spontaneous giving us an infinite range of expression,’ says Rida. ‘It will be an intimate exploration designed to reveal natural communication of music and art, highlighting a specific form of nature as a subject of celebration and inquiry,’ she added.

They are trying to create a change with a human touch and will be talking of environmental issues. Joining them will be Rewben Mashangva and his group and tribal artists from Meghalaya. They will be playing traditional Khasi handmade instruments designed to reveal the communication of music and art through the medium of sound and visual. They would be highlighting these handmade instruments like Bom, Ksing, Female and male strings, Padiah, Symphong which is a composition of strings and beat as well, and Buitara.

Rewben  is known for reviving the musical tradition of the Tangkhul community of Manipur. He will also be using traditional musical instruments in his performance.


At:  India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
When:18 January
Timings: 7 pm onwards
Anannya Chatterjee

Anannya Chatterjee

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