Playing it up in the Capital this Christmas

Playing it up in the Capital this Christmas
The stage in the Capital has also geared up to ring in the Yuletide spirit. Theatre lovers can take their pick from Kissa Muajpur ka and Dulari Bai ke Pushtaini jootey.

Dulari Bai ke Pushtaini Jootey is a musical comedy in Parsi Theater style, a satire on the lust for hoarding money. Dulari Bai inherits a pair of old shoes and the family business of money lending and she takes to it like a fish takes to water. In the process, she becomes a target of ridicule by the suitors she rejects.

A village actor tries to ‘reform’ her. He pretends to be a holy man who comes and tells her that a king will come to marry her if she throws away the shoes she inherited.

Kissa Muajpur Ka is an attempt to explore the inner layer of human behaviour in the context of social structure. We sometimes, under the compulsion of social evils, practice false ways. This very wrong utilisation has been underlined in Kissa Maujpur Ka.

‘The play, Kissa Maujpur Ka is a satire which aims to spread the message of social importance. It talks about how the misuse of technology can worsen the scenario. Here, technology has become an uncontrolled beast rather than an angel,’ said Chitra Singh, director.

‘With the current uproar in Delhi, the ugly reality has to be brought out. My play showcases how today people pretend to be modern and do not discriminate between a girl and a boy. But when the situations arise, they do not hesitate to get an ultrasound done and even abort the girl child,’ added Singh.


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