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Play the short, sweet

Play the short, sweet
Theatre enthusiasts must check out Short and Sweet, the world’s largest theatre festival which is back for its third season. The curtain raiser for the event happened on Sunday. The competition will be held in November this year. It involves a host of 10-minute long plays. ‘Short and Sweet is a unique concept which started in 2002. Various playwrights, actors, directors and artists participate in the competition. The event began in 2010 in Delhi,’ says Deepak Dhamijia, the curator of the festival.

The curtain raiser was a trailer for the event. The seven plays which have won awards in the past were showcased.
Somewhere between the Sky and the Sea
won awards for the best play, best actor, best actress and best director in 2011. The play revolves around Ramon, a young composer who wrote the perfect violin concerto.

Plan in Peril, winner of best play [People's choice] in 2011, was also showcased. ‘This play is about the daughter of the Kishore family who leaves home. The plot begins 22 months later when the couple's daughter returns. Why does she leave? What will the Kishore family hide or reveal to convince her to stay? That is what it is about,’ Dhamijia added.

‘Scripts come from all over the globe. The plays that were showcased were not only from India,’ said Dhamijia. Alex Broun brought the event to Delhi he explained.

, winner of best script award in 2011, revolves around the theme that a man’s relationship with a dog is often more poignant than the one he builds with his own kind or even his own self. ‘The play captures the lack of communication, the disconnect with others in the modern world,’ explains Dhamija.

A psychological drama, Shadows Within was the winner of the best play award audience choice as well as judges’ choice, in 2010. The play shows the horizon of two diverging worlds, the inner and the outer and inside are the dark shadows of loneliness, struggling to escape from the restrains. This is again an attempt to capture the modern world life said the curator.

‘The curtain raiser is just a trailer. The plays were staged to set off the theatre festival which will be held later this year. A lot of excellent stories come to life during the competition. Each year the audience gets to see new talent, stories and artists,’ says Dhamija. Clearly this is not to be missed, keep November booked for the third edition of the festival.
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