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Plating up Meghalaya

Plating up Meghalaya
Cuisine from the north east of our country has one of the most distinct and unique flavours ever. It took me a while to get accustomed to the flavours when I first dug into the pork curry from the Nagaland stall at Dilli Haat. And I am glad I did, because had I not I would have missed out on an incredible experience.

Rosang, one of the best known restaurants for North-Eastern food, just shifted base to Green Park (near Uphaar Cinema) from Hauz Khas Village. Just a stone throw away from the metro station, this location might work better for Rosang. Recently they hosted a Meghalayan Food Festival and it was perhaps one of the best things we have attended in a long time. Rosang dished out some authentic fare which included Jadoh (rice with minced pork with black sesame), Dohneiihong (pork curry with black sesame), Kappa (chicken entrails cooked with soda) and Daineiiong (dal with black sesame).

This spread set one person back by Rs 599 (without taxes). We loved the Jadoh, the Dohneiihong and the Daineiiong. Have the pork curry with steamed rice to get the perfect taste of the black sesame. The dal and the vegetables make you feel right at home no matter where you come from and these are things we are definitely going to order the next time we head over to Rosang.  The proprietor of Rosang, Mary updated us with all the plans she has for her new property and we are as excited as she is. We can’t wait to head over again - if you love food, you should too!
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