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Plane makes emergency landing due to faulty coffee machine

A Lufthansa flight, carrying 223 passengers, was forced to declare mid-air emergency causing a U-turn due to smoke from a coffee maker that had overheated and could not be turned off. 

The Airbus A330-300, which had taken off from Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, was heading for Munich.

The plane LH-415 was 70 miles south-west of Sydney when the crew alerted ground control after a passenger reported there was a burning smell, aviation information website AeroInside said.

The crew diverted to Boston and landed 70 minutes after the diversion at 2:06 AM local time on September 8, but details have just come to light. A spokesperson for the Germany-based airline said the malfunction produced a “strong electrical smell”. “The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in Boston for 16 hours, then continued the flight and reached Munich with a delay of 18 hours,” it said. According to a Lufthansa spokesperson, once the flight was on the ground, technicians inspected the aircraft and confirmed the source of the smell to be an overheated coffee machine. 
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