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Pills policy not in line with ills

The drug policy of this government is not in line with the health policy of this government. Its policy towards generic drugs, that are being manufactured by companies, were in line with the previously declared policy of this government. Now the government has announced yet another change in its drug policy. There is, thus, inconstistency in the drug policy of this government. Drugs of inferior quality, even when generic, are also made by pharaceutical companies. The drug policy of the former government was much sounder. They did not shift from generic to other drugs and back to generic or vive-versa in this way. They did not raise or lower the prices of drugs in this way.

The former policy of this government, which encouraged generic drugs, has still not been implemented. The drug policy being followed by the government encourgages the sale of drugs that are not generic. The old policy was meant to provide cheap drugs to the people of India. Now big pharmaceutical companies manufacture a large variety of drugs they provide to people at rates that are high. The costs of manufacture of most drugs are low. They are hardly conducive to the health of people.

The drugs necessary for life are not being manufactured by drug companies. Many of the drugs that are been manufactured add to the profits of drug companies. They may not be necessary for human health. Quite a few of these drugs are experimental and damage human health. This is despite the fact that hardly anything new has been invented for a long time as far as drugs are concerned.

Drugs may not be that important for human health but there are quite a few other variables as well that many doctors do not know about.

There are other variables that are equally important as well. Now drugs are being prescribed to most people for long periods of time. Drugs are not meant for people who are healthy enough to do without them. People who earn high salaries from the sale and manufacture of drugs only profit from them. Drugs are not necessaary for the livelihood of most people who manufacture them but add to the fat salaries of doctors, mostly incompetent but are not important for households that are mostly disease-free.
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