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Performance for change

Performance for change
Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts (SIVA) presented The Rape Unreported a theatrical performance by artist Dimple Kaur.  The play was performed on December 11 at IMATTER studio in Kalkaj. Through her performance she showed how in  our society and times we hear about women of all age, classes and locations being raped almost daily. This beckons the question, what is rape, and along with it brings about multitude of discussions and analysis.

However it is simply a case of robbery, a loot a theft that of Women’s mind, body and Soul. It is an act of force, power and perverseness that uses sex to establish violators supremacy. However what happens after the act is Sacrilege of her self esteem, her identity, her body. When she is asked degrading questions. Most women feel their body under constant scrutiny and violation and therefore depending on where they always have be protected by parents and guardians but are undressed in mind by large number of men on street, they are to be loved by someone but are to be shared and to be raped.

This was an artist's attempt to make something move. Using inspirations from Franca Rame, Amrita Pritam, Taslima Nasreen – women who through words have tried to convey various aspects of women’s life. Through this presentation the artist used art as a medium of reform, social awakening and spread the message of “rise women rise”. To give power to the one who has been a sufferer to implore upon society to stand by her and to ensure that the crime committed is punished.
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