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'Perfect couples are defined by love and chemistry'

My brother is mixing with the wrong kind of friends. He's 19 and we are terribly worried about him. Please advise.

Rani, U.P

Just sit down and have a discussion with him. Explain and express your concern and worry. This explanation should come from you like a friend and not like a guardian. Help him understand life and help him fix his dreams. Remember, you must treat him like an adult.

My wife doesn't want a child now. We have been married for 6 years and she's 33 years old. I'm very worried.

Ashok, Patna

You can seek the help of her parents/close friends to have an open discussion about the issue. May be she has her own reasons for not having a child which she's unable to explain to you.  Her age isn't a barrier at all. In today's age, a lot of woman choose to start a family a bit late. I'm sure, there's nothing to worry about.

My mother-in-law is very nice but she has an ugly habit of being a nose-poker. She's too inquisitive and loves gossiping. How do I handle her?

Name withheld, Haryana

Just stop supplying gossip. Whenever you feel she's acting like her over inquisitive self, pretend to be busy, pretend to be uninterested. Make yourself clear through your actions. Don't be rude, be tactful. My husband is very inactive in bed and our sessions never last beyond 15 minutes! How can I ensure a better sex life?Mrs. Bhagat, MaharashtraJust show him and teach him the art. I'm sure you know it all. If not, browse, read and help him through the journey of perfect love making.  A lot of men do not understand the intricacies of the act and have to be guided and I'm sure a bit of effort from your side will be fruitful.

I'm less than 5 feet tall and my friends and family make fun of me! I'm unable to mix freely with men also. I'm very upset because of my short height.

Pinky Arora, New Delhi

Hey Pinky! Please don't be upset!People who make fun are those who don't realise that their jokes hurt you. There are millions of men who would love to have a woman like you. Perfect couples are not determined by height differences but by the love and chemistry in relationship. Wish you all the happiness in the world and please be proud of who you are.

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