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‘People always have problems with the way I show life’

‘People always have problems with the way I show life’
Director Madhur Bhandarkar has always been contorversy’s favourite child. Hardly surprising then he would be new to the controversies surrounding his upcoming film Heroine. 

‘Whenever I made movies, they have always been in the news for many reasons. Be it Page 3, Corporate, Chandni Bar or any other movie — there was controversy,’ claimed Bhandarkar.

‘For that matter if you see, even when I made Chandni Bar, people were unhappy with it. Then there was Page 3 which also courted controversy... people have problems with the way I show life,’ said the 43-year-old filmmaker who celebrated his birthday recently.  

In Heroine, Bhandarkar says he has ‘mixed facts with fiction’. ‘Kareena has done a brilliant job,’ he said.  

‘Being a part of the industry, I have always brought out aspects of the contemporary world and shown many aspects of life and the only way to see it is by not being judgemental,’ he added.  

Are item songs necessary for his movies? ‘Items are essential in my movies and I try to keep at least one item number. They are a part of the narration,’ he said.

Bhandarkar claimed: ‘I try not to do gender-biased films but I think I have done more movies with female protagonists.’ He is also keen on commercial success. ‘Besides critical acclaim, I do want my films to become commercial hits,’ he said.

And what are his views on censorship? Is the Censor Board being unnecessarily demanding? ‘The Producers’ Guild will take up the issue of U/A censorsship on  satellite television as there is loss of revenue for the producers and must be heeded with certain thoughts,’ said Bhandarkar.
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