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Pending teachers’ recruitment cases: State to appeal before High Court

The state Education department will appeal before the Calcutta High Court to solve the pending cases of teachers’ recruitment. The government will approach the court in the first week of January. The lists of the successful candidates of teachers’ recruitment examinations could be published if the court gives verdict in the favour of state government.

A source from Education department said that state government will publish two separate lists for recruiting teachers in secondary and higher secondary level. Later, a separate list will be published for recruiting teachers in upper primary level. Over 16,000 teachers will be recruited in the secondary and higher secondary level.

“We are trying to solve those cases and speed up the recruitment process. But we cannot move much due to the cases pending in court,” the source said.

“The government is trying to bring a new batch of teachers in schools. Those vacant posts will be filled after the recruitment of the new teachers. Talented youth will get jobs. But it can only be possible, if those cases come to an end,” the source added.

“We can publish the results if the court gives us permission. We can arrange the interview process within a few weeks. We’ll explain the situation in Court, will inform the Court about vacancies and disappointment of the job aspirants,” the source further said.

The ‘working teachers’ earlier filed cases in Calcutta High Court against West Bengal School Service 
Commission. They had gone for court cases against the Commission demanding the right to sit for the teachers’ recruitment examination.

Talking to the Millennium Post on Tuesday, West Bengal School Service Commission chairman Subiresh Bhattacharya said, “The rulebook suggests that already recruited teachers cannot apply for same position or lower rank. They can only sit for higher position.”

“Many teachers want to apply for the same position to solve their transfer related problem. But we 
cannot support that. We have to make space for newcomers,” the chairman said.

Bhattacharya also said: “The state government has started three specific transfer systems – General Transfer, Special Transfer and Mutual Transfer. The teachers, who are facing such problems, can get solution from those systems.”

It should be recalled that state Education minister Partha Chatterjee, earlier, instructed the officers to expedite the process of recruitment as soon as possible.
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