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Patriotism, Punjab style!

Patriotism, Punjab style!
The last day of The Punjabi Theatre Festival was filled with the feeling of patriotism as the play Mai Bhagat Singh was performed. The Festival organised by the Punjabi Academy, started on 17 November and continued till 21 November at the Shri Ram Centre in the Capital.

There were many exemplary plays performed at the festival that included  Saadat Hasan Manto's Kujh Afsaney, Chandradas Sindhu's Sikandar Di jit, Gurdial Singh's play  Farida Raati Waddian and many more staged by popular theatre groups. The play Mai Bhagat Singh is dedicated to legendary hero of India's freedom struggle Bhagat Singh. The play unfolds to unravel the message that we should not wait for a magic or miracles to happen for things to improve for all of us. There is one Bhagat Singh inside every Indian, which is required to be awakened so that we may fight the enemies of our nation. Only this is the way to attain real freedom.

The fourth day of the festival saw the Malwa Arts and Cultural Society, Mohali celebrate Punjabi writer Gurdial Singh’s play Farida Raatee Waddian under the direction of Pritam Rupal. This play artistically brought out the impact on the changing social relations and economy of the peasantry and the related issues of the introduction of capitalist mode of production replacing  the age old feudal system in the life style, customs, culture and nature in a typical Malwa village. 

In the style of Bertolt Brecht, the story is carried forward with the help of narrator accompanied by chorus. Different styles of folk singing have been superbly used in the chorus.

The Punjabi Academy was established in the year 1982 for the propagation of Punjabi Lingual Culture. 

In the field of culture, it has organised a number  of mega events including Gurbani Gaveh Bhai, Punjabi Mela, Festival of Traditional Music of Punjab and  Annual Theatre Festival.

It has published history of Punjabi literature in 14 volumes which is unique work of its kind and has also started a project to publish a series of 15 books based on western thinkers. 

It has laid new emphasis on teaching of Punjabi language in schools by providing teachers and text books. 

In order to preserve the rich  heritage, the Academy is producing a number of documentaries so that future generations may witness their traditions which are at the verge of erosion. 
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