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Patience or power

A team is only as good as its players are. Some mark their presence in the squad with experience where as some who have earned the title of the T20 specialists’. However, it is those with the impact on the occasion who will lead their teams to triumph during the upcoming world T20. Though the format has been adopted into the regular curriculum for cricketers for over a decade, the right path towards victory in this format is yet to be discovered. As famous as the big bash and the IPL is, the format initially was termed as one which suits the youth more than the older stalwarts of the game. 

However, that now has been nullified. It is hence that T20 till date remains a debate between patience and power. As many teams head to the subcontinent to face each other in competition, there are some which have fierce names who bully the world with their performances. Some of these include, Chris Gayle, M S Dhoni, S P Narine, Virat Kohli amongst many others. As the real tournament is heading closer, the warm up match between the Indians and the West Indians has been the perfect display towards what the tournament might offer.

The ever so experienced Yuvraj Singh is definitely looking to be the experienced impact player for India. He was always useful with the ball even though his fielding abilities are far from what it once used to be. However, the occasional wicket and disciplined bowling backed by powerful shot making is what this southpaw is capable of and been displaying in the last three outings that he has had. In the warm up game which finished late on Thursday, opener Rohit Sharma piled on a sum of 98 smashing boundaries all over the park. Yuvraj wasn’t far behind as his average contribution was quick and what the team needed at that point of time.

But, even though the team finished with a score of 182, the questioned remained, was it enough? With a bully going by the name of Chris Gayle as their opponent opener, no score is ever enough. Though just the practice game, India did finish on top. However, as the saying goes, a wounded tiger hurts the most. This loss might just come back to haunt the Indians in the longer run. 

Speaking about players around the world, in today’s day and age with the extent to which players indulge in playing not only for their countries but different franchises over the world, no player is short in form or experience. It is hence that each player from each squad would give it all to take the trophy back home. After all each player has been a hero at least on one occasion in the past. Let’s begin with Bangladesh. The team can definitely not be considered an underdog or a senior associate nation any more. The players from the squad have proven time and again their potential to adapt to any situation and play fearlessly no matter who the opponent is. Amongst most others, the important 
players in the team are Mustafizur Rehaman and Soumya Sarkar. As the former is a perfectionist with swing and pace bowling, the latter who also confessed to being a Yuvraj Singh fan has rescued the Bangladesh team on many occasions even though he is also the one opening the batting with the fluent Tamim Iqbal. The Kiwis too stand a great chance at making it to the top. Their run in the world cup in 2015 was a dream run where the team almost looked unbeatable. It was almost a lucky night for the Australians as in the form that the kiwis were boasting off back then, on another day the results would have sure been different. The key impact makers of the squad remain the likes of the inform K Williamson and Martin Guptill. On one hand as Williamson is challenging  every record in cricketing history, Martin Guptill is like an angry bull. The day the bull decides to attack no colour in the world will be close to distracting the destruction the comes their way. 

The Australians on the other hand have always been a formidable squad. They play fearlessly and their major strength lies in their batting. However, their impact might just be a certain James Faulkner, the all rounder who never gives up. Glenn Maxell too might just be the man to look out for as he too like Gayle has the capacity to single handedly destroy any bowling attack that the world has to offer. Their bowling too seems disciplined and can be identified as a compact unit. 

The West Indies side though is the tricky one. If they get it right, there is no team that can stop it. However, if they get it wrong, there is nothing in it for them but disaster. The team is an impact team and naming only a few is unfair. However still, some difference making individuals throughout the course of the world could be the regular Chris Gayle, Keiron Pollard and the mystery spinner, Sunil Narine. The South Africans though have a lot to prove. Consistent performances and loses at the top have made sure they keep their tag of the chokers. I’m guessing a tag that most aren’t quite comfortable with. However, they have too many players who can do the impact on the day. However, ABD will for sure be the root behind all decisions taken in the camp. 

The Pakistani’s and the Srilankans on the other end look far from any form of stability. They look confused and the only impact now possible is the presence of stability in the squad. Senior players like Angelo Mathews and Shahid Afridi need to take a note of how their individual teams can be lifted both with moral and with enthusiasm before they head into the world cup due to begin shortly. 

The Indians, though in form, are far from taking the competition lightly as it is not only the game but also the format that can surprise one to the fullest. As per the buzz looking at individual performances, the semi finalists could be the Indians, the Kiwis the Australians’ and the West Indians. However, experts do recommend that Bangladesh is the dark horse.
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