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Passion crimes not new in city’s ‘intellectual fortress’

Akash-Roshni case is not an isolated instance of a relationship going sour and taking an ugly turn on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus. Just a day before the infamous Roshni-Akash case, another such incident had given the authorities jitters when a student at the Centre for West Asian Studies had threatened to kill a female classmate from his home state, Kerala.

According to the copy of the letter, which is in possession of Millennium Post, an apology was submitted to the warden of Narmada Hostel, according to which the ‘aggrieved’ lover’s plans to stab his girlfriend was unearthed.

According to the letter, Rohan (name changed) claimed that he had come to Delhi in 2011 with his lady friend Riya (name changed) to seek admission in JNU. Since they were from the same state, they frequently met and this led to ‘Rohan liking Riya’. However, Riya developed friendship with Gururaj (name changed), who is pursuing M Phil from the Centre for Russian Studies at SIS. This reportedly made Rohan more passionate about Riya, who proposed to her.

The course of events took a difficult turn when Riya refused to accept Rohan as her suitor, this left ‘Rohan is in great pain.’ In his apology note Rohan mentions, ‘she loves Gururaj which pained me.’ Riya, as per Rohan’s confession, started to ignore him and got closer to Gururaj. He claimed that this affected his health and studies.

Rohan mentions that before joining JNU, he was under the medication for hypertension and depression during the period 2007-2009. The letter goes on to narrate that on 30 July, Rohan had an argument with Riya, which turned ugly and a crowd assembled near the on-campus canteen 24X7. The security guard caught and warned Rohan, who thereafter had a heated exchange of text messages with Riya and her friends and even threatened Riya’s friend Meenakshi (name changed) of dire consequences.

Next morning, Rohan walked to his friend’s room in Sabarmati hostel and narrated the whole story to his friend. Rohan says in his letter, ‘I took up a knife in my friend’s room and stated that I will never leave her alone.’ He was however counseled by his friend to calm down. The matter was later brought to the notice of authorities. Rohan concludes with an appeal to have a ‘second chance’ to correct his mistakes. ‘As I am not in a good state of mind for quite some time, I need a long leave for a month, so that, can go home and consult a doctor for restoring my peace of mind.’

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