Parui youth returns to Nabanna claiming police harassment

The youth from Parui in Birbhum, who had lodged a complaint at the state secretariat on Tuesday against upapradhan of gram panchayat alleging demand of extortion money, on Friday returned once again to Nabanna claiming that he was been harassed by the police when he went to lodge complaint in this connection.

Police said that the youth Mithun Garai, who is a resident of Batikar village at Parui in Birbhum, raised allegation on Tuesday that the upapradhan, Narayan Das demanded Rs 3 lakh from him to let him cultivate fish in the pond and Rs 50,000 to allow him to use the tractor to plough the land.

The police officers in Nabanna had asked him to lodge a complaint with the local police station. The policemen at the state secretariat had also helped the youth in writing the complaint letter.

Following their guidance, Garai wrote a letter and went to Parui police station to lodge a complaint against the upapradhan. On Friday he returned to Nabanna with allegation that the police had not been cooperating with him and harassed him while taking his complaint.

On Tuesday too he had alleged that the local police was not paying heed to his allegations. So he was forced to come to Nabanna to lodge a complaint with the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). Like the previous day, on Friday the policemen at the visitors’ entrance of Nabanna found him waiting at around 10 am.

He said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had given a clear message that she would not tolerate if any 
worker of the party will demand extortion money. But he couldn’t understand why no action is being taken on the basis of his complaint. Sources, however, said that the police came to know after preliminary investigation that the allegations are baseless as the upapradhan had no role to play in clearing the dues of the youth for buying the tractor. Moreover, there were disputes in the plot that he claims to be his own and the upapradhan was not at all involved in the dispute.

Moreover, the allegation of non-cooperation against the police is also baseless. He was helped by the police when he went to Nabanna and he was equally helped when he visited Parui police station.



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