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Parshuram Jayanti Worshipping the Warrior

Parshuram Jayanti Worshipping the Warrior
When the entire workforce of the country will be busy in celebrating Labour Day on 1 May, the sound of bells in temples will be disseminating the onset of Parshuram Jayanti among devotes. This year, Parshuram Jayanti will be on tritiya of Shukla paksha which falls on 1 May. Lord Parshuram was born on Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya.

He lived during the last Treta Yuga, and is one of the seven immortals or Chiranjivi, of Hinduism. He received an axe after undertaking terrible penance to please Shiva, who in turn taught him the martial arts.

Parashurama is most known for ridding the world of kshatriyas twenty-one times over after the mighty king Kartavirya killed his father. He played important roles in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, serving as mentor to Bhishma, Karna and Drona. Parashurama also fought back the advancing seas to save the lands of Konkan, Malabar and Kerala.

Parashurama is worshipped as mool purush or founder of the Bhumihar Brahmin, Chitpavan, Niyogi, Daivadnya, Mohyal, Shukla, Awasthi, Tyagi, Anavil, Nambudiri Brahmin communities.

Parshuram is known to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, descendant of Brahma and pupil of Shiva.He was the son of Raja Prasenjit’s daughter Renuka and Bhrigu dynasty’s Jamdagni. Parshuram was devoted to Lord Shiva. He had immense knowledge and was a great warrior. The day of his birth is celebrated as Parshuram Jayanti all over India with a lot of zeal and excitement. A Parshuram Shobha Yatra is organised on this day along with other havans, pujas, bhandaras etc. Originally, his name was Ram. But, he came to be known as Parshuram because of the mystical weapon called Parshu which as given to him by Lord Shiva.

According to religious texts, he was born on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya, which is also celebrated as the day of his birth. Observing fasts and other religious works have been the trademarks of this day for centuries. According to beliefs, he defeated Kshatriyas a number of times. He was born to free the world of Kshatriyas’ pride. Parshuram was taught by Dronacharya.

It is believed that Tretayug began on the day of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya. It is also known as Akshaya Tritiya. Parshuram is believed to be born on this day. According to Bhagvat, Parshuram was born on this day to destroy the kings of Haideya dynasty. Parshuram was the fifth son of Jamdagni and Renuka. He had four elder brothers : Rumanvant, Sushen, Vishwa and Vishwavasu. This day is celebrated as Parshuram Jayanti because Parshuram was born on this day.

Parshuram has immense knowledge and was a great warrior. He wanted to live for the benefit of mankind. Parshuram had immense energy and was a great human being. Parshuram always helped the ones in need and was just in every decision he took. The day of Parshuram’s birth, i.e, Akshaya Tritiya is important in its own way. Any auspicious work done on this day gives fruitful results. This day is considered to be auspicious. Works are done on this day without even looking for an auspicious time. Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated with a lot of dedication and excitement by Hindus. Parshuram’s character seems flawless in ancient religious texts. Originally, Parshuram’s name was Ram. Hence, it is also said that Ram was born before Ram.

Two stories are famous about Lord Parshuram’s birth. According to Hari Vansh Purana, there was a city named Mahishmati Nagri in ancient times. This city was ruled by Haiheya dynasty’s Kartaveerya Arjun (Sahastra Bahu). He was a cruel king. Goddess Earth went to Lord Vishnu because she was distressed by the Kshatriyas. She asked for his help. Lord Vishnu promised her that he would be born as a son to Jamdagni in order to destroy the kingdom of Kshatriyas. Lord Vishnu Incarnated as Parshuram and defeated the kings.

Parshuram killed Arjun and freed the Earth of Kshatriyas 21 times there on. He filled five ponds in Samantpanchak district with their blood. Saint Trichik asked Parshuram to stop doing this. Hence, he gifted the Earth to Saint Kashyap and started living on Mahendra Parvat.
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