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Parrot abuses UK man trying to rescue it

An African grey parrot swore at a man, who was attempting to rescue the bird wandering in traffic at Guiseley, West Yorks, in UK. George, the parrot, abused its saviour before biting him ferociously.
The man managed to get the grumpy bird into his car and drove it to a local vet, where it lashed out at the staff with its sharp claws. ‘The parrot was really grumpy when we first went out to him and started attacking us with his sharp claws,’ Veterinary nurse Hayley Thompson was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

‘The rescuer said the parrot told him to b***er off and wouldn’t stop trying to bite him. It is funny that the man was told off by the parrot but in reality the bird would have been petrified and very nervous,’ Thompson told the paper. The man spotted the parrot in the middle of the road and it seemed to him it was eating. As the man went to pick the bird up, it pecked wildly at him, she said.
An open window allowed George to escape from its owner Ben Homer’s house in Leeds.
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