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Parrikar rules out release of footage

Describing the cross-LoC operation as “100 per cent perfect surgical strike”, he said the borders of the country are secure under the Narendra Modi government.

Parrikar’s remarks at a function organised by the BJP in Agra to celebrate the strikes came a day after Prime Minister Modi had reportedly cautioned against hysteria over the army action at a meeting of the cabinet yesterday.

Parrikar warned that one has to remain vigilant against “certain elements who do not owe their loyalty to the country completely”.

“No one had doubted bravery of our forces ever, but for the first time recently some people are doubting,” he said, maintaining that he would not like to take names.

Referring to a news report by a TV channel in which a Pakistani police officer has purportedly admitted that surgical strikes did happen, Parrikar said, “There is now no more reason to release video or to give any proof.” 

Asserting that the operation was 100 per cent successful, he said there was no casualty on the Indian side in the attack and doubted whether even big countries had such a success in their surgical strikes.

At the briefing of the Ministry of External Affairs, its spokesperson Vikas Swarup also brushed aside demands for release of the video footage, which the army was said to have submitted to the government.

“What the government puts out or not is determined solely by national security and will continue to be so. I have nothing more to say,” he said.

Swarup added that it is usual to see Pakistan’s reaction of denial of terrorism sponsored from its soil against its neighbours.

“Elimination of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mansoor was met with similar denials. But we all know the truth,” he said.

He said the counter-terrorism operation on September 29 (surgical strike) was to neutralise an imminent threat of terrorists ready to be launched from across the LoC.

The Indian Army was given a task which it carried out with surgical precision. The desired result has been obtained.

The intended message has been conveyed, he said.

Meanwhile, Parrikar said that many ex-servicemen have shown willingness to fight on the border if required.

“Some ex-servicemen wrote to me and said that they are ready to fight on the border if need arises. I salute them,” said the minister, adding, “our nation carries the heart and courage to carry this task out.” 

He also said the forces and citizens will have to be vigilant against “frustrated” terrorists who will try and attack because of the “shame” they have been put to as a result of the surgical strikes.
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