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Parl commission for ‘vertical growth’ in cities like Delhi

In its report which was presented in Lok Sabha Thursday, the Standing Committee on Urban Development headed by Biju Janata Dal MP Pinaki Misra, said that though urban development is a subject assigned to states, the Urban Development Ministry should hold hand and implement its plans to develop smart cities and work for renewal of 500 cities.

The panel recommended for vertical development in Delhi and other cities because there is scarcity of land.

The Committee observed that all major India cities have been creating ‘Master Plans’ every 10-20 years that are supposed to anticipate how the city’s population and boundaries might grow, and what needs to be done.

“But the Committee are distressed to note that there is no example of large Indian cities that have managed to stay ahead of the urbanisation curve and cope with the growth over the past two decades. Instead, despite these master plans, there is a sharp decline in the quality of life of urban residents over the last few decades,” the panel said.

The Centre, the Committee said is taking huge initiatives in terms of development of 100 smart cities, and urban renewal of 500 cities and recommended the Urban Development Ministry to expedite the mission and help make all cities livable in a sustainable manner.

The Committee favoured citizen participation in terms of taking decision for the vision of the city under the government’s ‘Smart City’ project.

It also recommended that the government should finalise the norms related to Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and ground coverage for residential plots in Lutyens Delhi.
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