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Parking inaptitude

Oblivious to development, Ghaziabad can easily be called as the National Capital Region of Delhi’s most deficient district. All in all, the industrial town is so ridiculously marred in issues of its own that there happens to be an evident lapse of memory at the administration’s end as far as the Kaushambhi bus station is concerned. It may be noted that Kaushambhi was the one of the first planned colonies to have come up in Ghaziabad and the presence of state road transport corporation and private owned buses are an eyesore for the residents. In fact the levels of consternation are so high that some of the residents have even approached judicial authorities but as evident, there is no action that has been initiated.

If one happens to visit the area, he or she is bound to see scores of dust laden buses, harried passengers and hundreds of encroachments in the form of ticket booking kiosks. If at all there would have been a proper bus station, a situation like this may have never been played out in the first place. With Ghaziabad’s law and order record hardly being worth a show, the site is perfect for all sorts of crimes to take place. Women, who are always targeted for all kinds of offensives, may further be marginalised if any corrective action is not taken.

The district administration should be questioned on its alleged lack of effort not once or twice but to the point that it is forced to make a bus station with a proper security arrangement as also force the state road transport corporation to manage it with efficiency. The police should also launch a crackdown on the private operators and free the colony roads so that residents can move about with ease.          
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