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Paris attacks in hindsight, security outside Jewish synagogue tightened

Paris attacks in hindsight, security outside Jewish synagogue tightened
After the tragic Paris attacks, Delhi Police have beefed up security outside the Jewish synagogue in Paharganj. On October 24, Islamic State (ISIS) had pledged a second Holocaust as they vowed to kill all Jewish people across the world. Thus, after the devastating Paris attacks, the Home Ministry issued guidelines that ISIS with the help of other local radical outfits may carry out terror attacks across the nation.

Apart from local police personnel, about 10-12 commandos of the Delhi Police are keeping a tight vigil around the Chabad House and its adjoining lanes. With one CCTV camera installed right outside the entrance of the Synagogue, around four CCTV cameras cover the entire lane.

Standing with a Heckler and Koch MP5, one policeman, on the condition of anonymity said that on the day of the Paris attacks, large number police personnel were deployed in the area while high-ranking officials visited there to keep a check on the security arrangements. He added that now, two to three commandos patrol the area during the day while three commandos keep a tight vigil at night. Some PCR vans have also been deployed round the clock which are provided by the local police station.

The policeman also said that apart from the MP5 gun, they are also given a Self Loading Rifle (SLR).
Akiva Abai, a priest at the Chabad House said: “The Chabad House was established in Delhi 20 years ago. I came to Delhi around five years ago with my family to manage the synagogue which witnesses more than 150 worshippers during peak season. The past few days, the number of visitors has dipped with only 40-50 worshippers turning up on a daily basis. People from all communities are allowed entry although it is mostly the Indian Jews and people from other countries who visit the place.”

Talking about security, he said: “People respect our worship place and there is communal harmony among all the communities.” 

He further added that he never faced any form of violence and discrimination from the people of Delhi.

Earlier in February 2012, the wife of an Israeli Embassy diplomat was wounded when there was a bomb explosion in the car in which one staff member of the Embassy along with two bystanders was wounded.

In a similar incident on February 3 of this year in France, three French soldiers were attacked by a man outside a Jewish community centre. The accused person was arrested immediately.
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