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Papers from Hemingway’s time in Cuba come to US

Thousands of documents and photographs that belonged to Ernest Hemingway and have been stored until now in the house where he lived in Cuba will now become available to the public thanks to a US foundation that has just put them into digital format. The materials had remained unavailable until now at Finca Vigia, where the novelist lived during his 1939-1960 period in Cuba, and their preservation had been endangered because they had been exposed for years to the tropical climate.

Among the documents is Hemingway’s passport issued in 1934 so that he could travel to France and Spain, a letter to actress Ingrid Bergman and hotel receipts from a 1925 trip to Austria.

Thanks to the work of the US-based Finca Vigia Foundation in cooperation with the Cuban government, 2,000 Hemingway documents this week will become available to the public.
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