Pan-Indian exotic Flavours at your doorstep

Pan-Indian exotic  Flavours at your doorstep
There are no magic wands or pencils, no hidden tricks in the world that can bring you immediate food. Remember, ‘Sanju ki Magic Pencil’ from ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’?  Every child got obsessed over this pencil and wanted to own one.

 Even now there is such a crazy desire somewhere among kids and also among grown-ups, for magic pencils so that food of their choice could appear magically in front of them. 

Now you do not need to brood over this anymore. Much to everyone’s delight and surprise the two messiahs Sneha Chopra and Manu Khera, Co-Founders of Exotic Flavors of India- A young startup, are to your rescue.

 They decided to walk you through the amazing world of authentic and exotic food delicacies while sitting at home and at an ‘exotic meet’ that took place at India Habitat Centre on Friday in the national capital. They have appealed to everyone to not compromise with their taste buds and to eat authentic food of their choice by giving directions to the food website, and the product will be delivered to you positively within a matter of days.

Exotic Flavors of India(EFOI) as a concept is all about bringing exotic food delicacies from various regions of India as well as from across the world to consumers in India by offering up to 250 lip-smacking regional delicacies from 40 iconic Indian food brands. 

Manu Khera said, “Every region of India has a very rich food culture which has evolved over thousands of years. Every city or town has a unique product to offer. People migrating to different parts of India for work crave for their favorite food from their hometown”. 

EFOI attempts to bridge gaps and bring India closer by making regional food accessible to everyone across the country. “Travelling to a particular place is basically a prerequisite in order to taste authentic food product of that place. Why wait to see the world and why not experience it at home”, Manu added. 

EFOI offers exotic flavors in food categories like sweets, dry fruits, savories, healthy products, seeds, bakery, tea, coffee and many more. Sneha Chopra said, “In all these product categories, we are selling only those products which are regional in nature and are popular from different parts of India and parts of world. The big gap between demand and supply for exotic food delicacies from various regions of India is the segment we are tapping into.”
If you want to grab a bite of Karachi Halwa, ‘Chainaram’ in Delhi is the place to be and if you want to bite into the flowery deliciousness; ‘Panchchi Petha’, delicately floral sweet is brought to you from the city of love, Agra. 

In the same way, in bakery section, Ellora’s Caramel Stick Jaws is specially brought to you from the quaint landscapes of Dehradun along with many other uncountable items from the far-off places that you have never imagined before. ‘Makaibari’, the tea that was presented to the Queen of England by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he met her six months back, was the oldest and most historic tea estate in Darjeeling, established in 1859, also finds mention in the list of Tea/Coffee category. 

This is just the gist of it while the whole collection awaits you to uncover a lot unimaginable exotic food products which are not available locally, by exploring the food website and giving the website a chance to win your hearts by ordering online from home. 

“No need to sniff around for information as a lot of research has gone into it,” added Sneha. 
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