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Pall of gloom among jingling X-Mas bells

The currency ban seems to shadow the Christmas vibes. Among the cheerful cacophony of the citizens, there was a marked dip in enthusiasm compared to earlier years, thanks to demonetisation!

On reaching Free Church on Sansad Marg, on Christmas Eve, a complete absence of the very ambience was noticed. It was like just another day at the church. Suresh Kumar, the church priest said: “This year’s Christmas is the most depressing I have ever witnessed. Demonetisation has hit us so hard that we are not able to make arrangements as planned.”

“Every year we put up lights, tents, chairs and other decorations on Christmas. But this year, due to lack of cash, we are not able to make arrangements. Every year people used to donate huge amount of money for Christmas but this time we got no donation from anyone,” he added.

However, there is no reason to fret over a cashless Christmas this year as the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Gol Dak Khana is a must visit. A proper festive atmosphere where people are singing in joy and are set to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ could be seen on Saturday.

“I love visiting this church on Christmas Eve. This church is full of positivity. A proper celebration is done where we do the prayer service and celebrate the birth of Jesus,” said Andrew, a student pursuing graduation.

A stall for helping the handicapped children has also been also set up. Handmade candles and calendars are also being sold to generate charity for handicapped children.

An elaborate security arrangement was also seen right outside the church. Also, proper measures to avoid traffic were taken care of.
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