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Pakistan is gaon and ISI kutte for Indian Mujahideen

Confessions made by Yasin Bhatkal, Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder and another operative Asadullah Akhtar point towards the sour relations between Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and IM as they code named ISI as kutte (dogs).

Coding and decoding was done to avert the possibility of being caught by the investigation agencies spying on them. As all the operatives including Bhatkal, Iqbal and Riyaz Bhatkal were in touch with each other through emails. In every conversation they used coded language.

The term kutte (dogs) was used to refer to ISI, Al Qaeda was codenamed ‘Micro’ whereas Taliban was ‘Tech’ for them. After 13 July 2011 Mumbai attack, ISI stopped funding IM and asked the top operatives to scale down the terror activities until further orders. As a result, Bhatkal brothers along with Mirza Shabad Baig approached Al Qaeda who provided safe hideouts to them along with Hawala money for ammunitions.

Asadullah Akhtar alias Haddi told National Investigation Agency (NIA) that all the IM operatives who were the part of terror strikes in various parts of India were aware about the code names. They called explosives kalaunji and churan, AK 47 as coffee and reserve ticket, 9 mm pistol as trophy and ticket, detonator as elaichi (cardamom).

They code named Pakistan as gaon and Afghanistan as ghar in their emails and telephonic conversations. Iqbal Bhatkal is known as ‘Bada’ while Riyaz Bhatkal was called ‘Chota’. The term ‘TB’ and ‘JJ’ was used for Yasin Bhatkal, Asadullah Akhtar was ‘Bhai’. While talking about their target to launch terror strike, Hyderabad was coded as ‘H’, Mumbai as ‘city’ and Pune as ‘Chote city’. After the revelation made by Bhatkal and Haddi who have been arrested by NIA, the investigation agencies are now probing their coded language.
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