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Pak firm develops advance drone

A private company in Pakistan has developed an advanced drone aircraft that can remain in the air for up to 15 hours and be utilised for surveillance of development projects among other uses.

The Arrow drone, which was on display at the defence weapons exhibition IDEAS 2016 that started on Tuesday, can be operated via remote control. Karachi-based Integrated Dynamics which designed and produced the country’s first drone called ‘Buraq’ had produced the new aircraft, which can also be used for surveillance of both defence development projects, the Express Tribune said. “The best civilian application of the long range aerial surveillance aircraft {Arrow} is that it is capable of monitoring and making secure trade via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” said Raja Sabri Khan, Chief Executive at Integrated Dynamics. 

Sabri said the surveillance system can be operated via remote in the range of 250 km. “If you operate it on a satellite system then its range becomes unlimited. You can operate it in any part of the world while sitting in Karachi,” he said. He said the unique feature of the aircraft is that it can fly non-stop for up to 15 hours.

“The feature is not available in any other such system at this economic cost. Its price is not more than a valued 4X4 jeep,” he said. It can be used to pinpoint leakages of oil and gas from long-laid pipelines and it can be used to monitor and secure sensitive sites. The system can be used by geologists and agriculturalists for collecting required data on earth or farms. “You just feed the data regarding the route you want the drone to take and sit back,” he said. Besides, the aircraft is also capable of carrying military weapons and equipment. “It can fly with a payload of 100-150 kilograms,” he said. “Arrow is a revolutionary new concept in aerial surveillance using optionally piloted vehicle converted ultra-light aircraft,” he said. With field portability and a one-hour assembly time on site with the wing-fold system, “it is a great armament, payload delivery, and stands-off surveillance platform,” he said.

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