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Painting Guru Gobind

Painting Guru Gobind
His collection which will be exhibited from 24 March showcases the journey of Guru Gobind Singh.

Chitrak completely submerges himself into his work. He has been researching on Guru Gobind Singh intensively for over five years. Incidentally, the exhibition coincides with Hola Mohalla, a tradition established by Guru Gobind Singh, which also happens to fall in the month of March. Behind every piece of his creation, are numerous sketches, thorough research, inspiring music and true emotion.

In 1979, AS Chitrak illustrated a comic series for Dus Guru Sahebaan. These illustrations led him to research further into Sikhism and its philosophy as a belief and not as a religion. He started listening to Gurbaani Kirtan every evening and reading every book written on Sikhism at that time.

One day, while sipping tea on the terrace of his studio, he noticed a falcon sitting on the water tank, which ritually visited for the next one week. The falcon is said to be a symbol of the 10th master, Guru Gobind Singh, one with sharp vision and focus. It was the ultimate sign of motivation for Chitrak and thereon, he decided to absorb himself wholeheartedly into his next endeavor Mera Gobind.

Chitrak says, ‘My life-long interest in mythology has given me energy to recreate myths and legends in a pictorial form. I plan to continue to paint mythology for a long time to come as I consider it as an infinite subject and one which is very close to my heart.’

WHEN: 24 to 30 March
WHERE: AIFACS, 1 Rafi Marg
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