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Paint for joy

The artworks were appreciated by the art lovers, buyers, collectors, galleries etc. More than 150 Students participated in this exhibition with 500 beautiful paintings. Student of College of Art put their best paintings in exhibition.

One of the students from MFA Painting is  Grishma Khodaria whose works were appreciated by the art collectors and have sold highest number of paintings at this exhibition which clearly shows the interest of art collectors in young talent in the art market. Grishma Khodaria said she had sold three of her paintings and people liked her paintings very much because it reflects the spirituality. When one of her painting was sold at the largest amount of 45,000 thousand, Grishma khodaria said, “The idea of joy and happiness comes where all you do is for pleasure and there is no such thing as work.

My pieces explore neuroaesthetical qualities of a painting, along with which I also explore the qualities inherent in paint and strive to put them to good use by loading up a big brush and stroking it across the canvas.

The process takes me beyond the mind and makes me experience the essential nature- which is described as peace, happiness and bliss. This is about how to be still and examine what is within us. And attain the highest of all joys that can ever be experienced by a human being. It is immense and everlasting. The paintings should have the power to communicate with the viewer, and make the viewer feel the same emotion love and energy with which the artist had painted.”

When asked Grishma about her painting career she replies, “Where I stand today, is the place which has always educated me with a new idea each day. It has helped me knowing what art is and the need to paint, which has enlightened me with the knowledge of the divine being and the spiritual, connect with the paintings.”   

When Grishma was asked about her success in the art market at such a young age, she says “I love it when people like my paintings so much that they wish to buy it by paying a value of money in return, it is a kind of respect which I get from people. The value of happiness, joy and love spread through paintings in people’s lives is priceless.”

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