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Overcast skies, rain predicted

 MPost |  2015-11-18 01:04:56.0  |  Kolkata

Overcast skies, rain predicted

The low pressure over the Bay of Bengal brought heavy rain in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 

On Tuesday, there was dense cloud cover in Kolkata. Since the first week of November, cold northern winds started entering South Bengal. However, heavy clouds over the city sky have completely stopped the northern winds from entering Bengal.

According to health department officials, the clouds hovering over the city may bring back  mosquito-borne diseases. A low-pressure area, which persists in the North Bay of Bengal, is expected to intensify further into a well-marked low. This system may further result in rainfall and thundershowers over Bengal.

 The low pressure caused severe rainfall over the last few days in Chennai flooding the city. All educational institutions were shut and offices declared November 16 as a holiday. The four reservoirs in Chennai have reached 70% of their storage capacity. 

The shutters of Chembarambakkam reservoir was opened as it received 17,000 cubic feet per second and amount of water discharged into the Adyar River was increased.

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