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Outsiders are welcome!

Outsiders are welcome!
Let’s get together to celebrate art that requires no definitions. If you have ever felt creative and drawn, sculpted or made music, you can join the  Outsider Art fair that kick starts tomorrow at The Outsiders Art Centre, Shanti Niketan.

Fransisco Gareiri, a contemporary outsider artist from Metz, France will be present at the fair as the chief guest. The fair will have exhibition cum sale, a workshop for registered candidates, a seminar and film shows on outsider art.  Outsider art is referred to the works of artistes outside the mainstream or self-taught artistes.  A group of unsung artistes and all those who have talent but no degree, guru, gallery or platform can grasp this opportunity.

Outsider art has an annual home in New York at the Outsider Art Fair, where 34 galleries from all over the world participate. The fair is also hold in Britain, France and all over America. The world recognises the ‘Rock Garden’ as an example of Outsiders Art by Nek Chand. The organisers felt the need to bring to fore the creativity of other Indian outsiders whose art is from the heart and in very innovative medioms.

The owner and artist of the Outsider Arts Centre, Shubhadarshini Singh realised the mystery of creativity when she was ill and between jobs herself and the journey from there to finding other self taught artists made her determined to find them closer home. She says, ‘I want everybody to discover the beauty of turmoil behind a sad, detached or disturbed person, through encouraging that person to allow his creative compulsions crawl out into art that is unique: The Outsider Art.’

The primary objectives behind starting the Outsider Art Movement is to promote dignity, well-being and self-determination of people suffering mental distress. Art fairs like these will not only provide them a welcome break from their monotonous schedules but also expose them to their own lurking abilities through the medium of art. Founded by Sandy Smith in 1993, the Outsider Art Fair soon became a critical and commercial success. Recognised for its maverick spirit, the fair played a vital role in building a passionate collecting community as crowds flocked annually to New York’s Puck Building, the event’s original site during its first 15 years.

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