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Outpourings of a deranged mind

Another self-serving and self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu has done what these impostors do best- seek attention at any cost.  In a public meeting near Jaipur he had first tried to put the blame back on the 23-year-old girl who was gang raped in a Delhi bus by trying to reason that had she pleaded with her rapists and called her brothers- ‘religious brothers’- they would have let her go. So the blame is on her that she did not do the ‘needful’ and failed to persuade her rapists to not rape her! And upon that had she uttered god’s name, then she would have surely come out of the bus unscathed. Has anyone heard anything more bizarre!  When his statements caused a storm, instead of retreating, he went a step further and called the media barking dogs and reiterated that what he said was right and he said so because he wished everybody well! Indeed! His ideas are rather simple: women are and should be at a mercy of rampaging men. If they seek mercy shivering in abject fear, the men may still decide not to harm them. But if they protest in the name of rights, by god’s name, they ought to be raped and rightly so!
The problem with a free country is that even the deranged are free to speak and seek public attention.  And so-called god-men who have hid their face below the earth so that they do not have to see that the world has long passed them by, are those who fall in the category of the dangerously deranged. They think they can get away with saying anything, however bizarre it seems. Only the other day did the RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat say that rapes don’t happen in Bharat but only in India, then some Imam proposes that co-educational schools be decimated so that women are not raped, and now come such unimaginable rubbish from a so-called religious leader. Clearly, they are either insane or desperately seeking public attention at some cost.  And the problem in India is that every such interloper, whatever their worth, command a degree of following. Every party has condemned the statement but BJP has done so in its own way. While condemning his statement, BJP’s Ravishankar Prasad has said that Asaram is a religious guru and that the country looks up to him. Does it? Is India so devoid of reason that it seeks inspiration from crooks and thugs? The point to be made is that elements like Asaram are not what India looks up to. And they will be shown their place.
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