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Out of more than 500 cases lodged every day, 70% remain unsolved

Out of more than 500 cases lodged every day, 70% remain unsolved
Whether you are in your house or walking on the road, you are not safe anywhere in the national Capital, says Delhi Police’s crime data. Every day, more than 500 cases are registered at various police stations in the city that mean as many as 20 cases are being lodged every hour.  

According to Delhi Police data, with the rise of almost 25 <g data-gr-id="16">per cent</g> of crime cases  this year compared to 2014, as many as 1,32,229 cases under various sections (including rape, murder, robbery, kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) have been registered till September 15, 2015. However, last year, 1,05,213 IPC cases were registered and despite being the most ‘smart police’ in the country, Delhi Police have failed to solve 70 <g data-gr-id="17">per cent</g> of the total cases registered in 2014.  

Shockingly, immense shortage of police staff is the major reason why most of the cases remain unsolved. Currently, around there are 80,000 police personnel in Delhi Police, out of which 31,000 are deployed in 161 police stations in the city. According to the recent data, Delhi’s population is around 1.72 crore <g data-gr-id="30">and as a result</g> the active duty ratio of Delhi Police is one policeman for 5,500 people residing in the national Capital. The data further revealed that this year, more than two dozens of robberies take place every day and so far the police have managed to solve only 35 <g data-gr-id="27">per cent</g> of them. 

Till September 15, 2015, as many as 5,337 robberies have taken place whereas last year till September 15, there were around 4,282 cases of robbery. 

Similarly, with a rise of 35 <g data-gr-id="28">per cent</g>, the number of burglary cases have gone up to 9,184 whereas it was 6,796 till September 15, last year. Throughout the year, Delhi Police were busy in handling political tiffs with the Delhi government and it seems to be one of the main reasons of the increase in crime and unsolved cases in the city.  

Police sleuths had claimed that street crimes <g data-gr-id="34">specially</g> incidents of snatching would <g data-gr-id="33">reduce</g> but they have failed to stand on their promises as this year 6,877 snatching incidents have already been reported from various parts of the city. Compared to this, last year, 4,912 snatching cases were registered under the same section of the IPC. 
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