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Ousted Thai PM denies leaving country to escape charges

Ousted Thai PM denies leaving country to escape charges
‘I am now an ordinary citizen and I should have the same rights as all Thais. I hereby affirm that I will not abandon Thais and will be ready to return to Thailand,’ she said.

Yingluck, 46, criticised the anti graft body, the National Anti-Corruption Commission, and questioned its enquiry process in the case of rice subsidy scheme case against her.

She denied planning escape from legal prosecution in the case, saying she planned her Europe trip long before the anti-graft agency decided to prosecute her.

She questioned if the NACC’s enquiry process met international standards.
‘It took only 21 days to notify me of the charges and within 140 days, it resolved that I’m guilty as charged - something that has never happened in never other cases,’ Yingluck said in a statement.
She alleged that NACC chose to hear witnesses who were her opponents.


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