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Our target is to achieve 30% growth this year: Gupta

Tell us about the USP of Kent and how is it different from others?
Although we are the pioneers of bringing RO technology in India, few other brands are also adding to the concept. But it’s not necessary that every Indian home need just an RO based technology, as opting a particular technology is totally dependent on the kind of water contaminations. The distinguishing factor which will take us to the pinnacle and allow us to deal with the unorganised sector is our own patented technology comprising of four different mantras in one purifier —RO, UF, UV and TDS Controls, which caters to all the problems consecutively.
Earlier, people were not aware of such technology but now they know the benefits of such a patented technology which only KENT has. This very fact gives us immense power to lead our competition whether it is from organised or unorganised sector.

How important are advertisements and public relations activities for water purifier companies? Do you plan to focus more on consumer awareness?

Advertisements are of great importance because half of the population doesn’t know about water purity and its content. They just drink water believing that mere boiling will kill germs present in it. They also believe that it is government’s duty to offer pure and safe water. This is where we plan to pitch in and make consumers aware about various insecticides, virus and bacteria present in the water through effective and catchy advertisements.

What challenge you face while setting up projects in new area?

There are several issues when setting up projects. Land and environment is a big concern and also there are around 56 laws which must be met and if you don’t meet any of them then as a director, one is bound to be jailed. One has to overcome issues of financing and marketing as these issues are every complex in India. I would say it definitely is not a cakewalk at all.

What is your marketing strategy for 2014?  

Our marketing strategy is to reach and penetrate among a select untapped audience, who are very careful for the products that they use and look for luxury elements within the products. Hence, we have taken another step in its journey by bringing Electrolux brand to India. We already cover 30 per cent of the market share. Besides, we have also introduced two new products. And we wish to achieve the growth for about 25-30 per cent.
This will meet the ever increasing demand of the Indian consumers for water purifiers that not only provide clean drinking water, but also add to the kitchen’s luxury. Post this development, Kent has two independent brand lines – Kent RO and Electrolux. Both the brands have different TGs and we have designed the communication accordingly.

What is the marketing spend allocated for the present year?

Kent RO has a standard practice of reinvesting 10 per cent of its turnover into the sales and marketing activities. The company hopes to sell 50,000 units of the Electrolux range of water purifiers in the first year and then expects to grow 30 per cent year on year. Initially, the company will be present in the top 50 towns, and will invest substantially in marketing and promoting the brand across the country.

 What is the market share of your products in the market? How much do these products contribute to the overall revenue?

We have a market share of 40 per cent in RO segment and are considered as the pioneers of the revolutionary mineral RO technology in India. RO water purifiers are the flagship products, contributing almost 70-80 per cent to our overall revenue.

How are you positioning yourself differently from your competitors? How are you planning to increase your brand value?

The in-house R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up give us the edge over our competitors. Our campaigns are logical and informative. If you go through our campaigns, brochures and any other communication, we clearly cite the reason you should opt for a water purifier. We are selling our RO purifiers as a necessity, and not just as a luxury product. Global players like Electrolux will be taking our technologies to over 150 countries, so we don’t think we need to put much effort to increase our brand value.

Your future product launches and product campaigns?

The mission line of Kent RO is Eat Pure, Drink Pure and breath pure! Hence, the entire product portfolio of ours revolves around this statement. In future as well, our products will be from the similar categories. We have recently launched new TVC for Electrolux Purifiers with Shilpa Shetty.

Any plans to foray into a new segment?

Yes, there are many. We are a 21st century healthcare products company with a vision for making the world a healthy and happy family. Our key focus will remain on health products including water purifiers, vegetable purifiers and air ourifiers.
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