Opposition survives by spreading lies, says Mamata

Opposition survives  by spreading lies, says Mamata
She was addressing a rally in support of party’s Dipali Saha candidate on Saturday afternoon.
Mamata Banerjee said Congress and CPI(M) were against development and that was the reason why they had been criticising Trinamool government.

Banerjee said that an unholy alliance had taken place in West Bengal and the way the leaders were behaving was as if they had come to power. “The people will vote for Trinamool Congress as it has carried out extensive development in the state.” Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Trinamool chief said leaders from Delhi were coming to the state and making statements which were full of lies. She urged people not to trust whatever they said. Banerjee said that BJP was supporting the Congress- CPI(M) alliance indirectly. 

They have got another friend in the shape of a media house whose owner had surrendered before BJP and Congress leaders whenever he was in trouble. “He wants that industries should come up on farm lands and was opposing us and even spreading canard against us because we did not allow that.” She urged people not to see the television channel as it was “full of lies and concocted stories.” 

Banerjee said that the schemes taken up by the state government had helped people of Bankura to 
develop. The roads have been improved and projects like Kanyashree and Sabuj Sathi have helped girls and students. The students are getting books, school uniforms and even shoes free of cost which will help them build confidence. “The Opposition parties do not want Bengal to develop and that is why they are spreading canard.” She said the Left Front did not do anything to develop the area. 

“The CPI(M) had used poor people to win votes. We have brought about changes in their lives,” she added. Banerjee said poor people were getting two square meals a day because of Khadyasathi project which had given them rice at Rs 2 per kg. She said people knew it well that if voted back to power, Trinamool Congress would carry out an all round development of the district. Banerjee maintained that fair price shops and getting treatments free of cost in state run health care establishments had helped people. 

“Trinamool stands for poor people and we have developed their living condition. We have kept our promises.” She urged people to go to the polling stations early in the morning and cast their votes in favour of Trinamool Congress to ensure sustainable development of West Bengal. She also asserted her government takes responsibility and acts in instances of “real injustice”.

 “Our government is the common man’s government will never do anything to burden the common man. Our government is not CPI(M) or Congress. We have the capacity to label injustice as injustice but if somebody lies and says ‘this is injustice’, then we do not accept that. If Trinamool Congress sees there has been real injustice, then it takes responsibility and corrects it. But if someone lies and makes something seem wrong then we do not believe in that act,” said Banerjee.



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