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Oppn alleges ‘leak’,wants JPC probe

‘Who wants to kill you?’

In a searing attack in Parliament on the government’s currency ban, Congress leader Anand Sharma on Wednesday demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi explain his comments alleging a threat to his life.

“Who is threatening you? Who wants to kill you, tell parliament,” Sharma said, opening the discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes ban and its impact. “If PM Modi says that he is being threatened, the country should know who wants to kill him,” questioned Sharma.

While starting the debate, Sharma questioned the demonetisation but vouched his party’s support in the fight against black money and corruption and highlighted the plight of the common man, who has to stand in queues for hours to get access to his own money. 

“In his speech in Goa, the PM called the poor people criminals and scamsters…He should apologise for his comment. The PM beat his chest and said I’ve given up everything. You go all around the world, what sacrifice is this?” Sharma said. 

“I condemn the prime minister. He should apologise for saying that the poor people standing in queues for five-six days are scamsters,” Sharma said, adding, “You have created an environment where you cannot ask questions. If you ask questions then questions are raised on your patriotism.” 

Charging that information about the move was leaked to select persons, Sharma said, “You said there has to be secrecy, or else, criminals and terrorists would come to know. You did not keep it secret. You leaked it selectively. BJP units deposited crores into banks before the ban.” 

Raking up the rally PM Modi had in Ghazipur earlier this week, Sharma said, “Was the payment for the Ghazipur rally made in cheques and credit card?” 

‘Do you see rich in queues?’

Turning the tables on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation issue, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at Modi and questioned whether any of the big industrialists is standing in the line to either deposit/withdraw notes or exchanges old notes of high denomination.

“You are being made to stand in queues. Your money will be given to select 15-20 industrialists. You all know their names. The masses in India are standing in queue. Do you see any rich person, a big industrialist standing in queue,” Gandhi said while addressing a rally in Bhiwandi. Training his guns at the Prime Minister, Rahul alleged that in the past couple of years Modi has waived off over Rs 1.10 lakh crore of loans to a handful of 15 industrialists, with whose help the country is being run.

“Now, through demonetisation, he has taken money from each citizens’ pockets to give it to these industrialists who are his friends. No action has been taken against them. We demand action against Modi’s friends and those who have hoarded black money,” Gandhi added. Accusing the Modi government of protecting black money holders, Gandhi said, “Those who are real black marketeers, those who have over 20,000 crore, those who go with Modi in planes, action should be taken against them.” After securing bail in a defamation case filed by the RSS, an upbeat Rahul Gandhi stopped at an ATM at Vakola to talk to the people in the line on his way to the Mumbai airport.

“I have come to the court to fight for Gandhiji’s ideology. On one hand is ideology of freedom and on other is ideology of slavery. Those I am fighting against want to bend India so they can rule country,” Gandhi said, adding that “it was based on one person’s thinking and could turn out be a mega scam”.would come to know. 

‘Crocodiles have survived, small fish are dying’

Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday asked the government to set up a committee to investigate the demonetisation decision. While speaking in the Rajya Sabha on the debate on government’s demonetisation move, Yechury took a dig at PM Modi and narrated the infamous quote of Queen Marie Antoinette during the French revolution who had said that people can eat cakes when they don’t have bread.

“I am reminded of Mary Antoinette. During the French Revolution, she had asked, “If they don’t have bread why can’t they eat cake?” Now, we have Modi Antoinette who says ‘If you don’t have paper, use plastic’,” said Yechury.

Yechury accused the government of being detached from ground realities, and not doing anything and presenting itself as a silent spectator when common people have been suffering as a result of cash crunch.

“For the past four days, the queues outside banks have gotten longer. Why are you agonizing the Indian people? Why is all this being done? What is the coverage of your plastic? Only 2.6 crore people out of 136 crore have a credit card. Will that run our economy?” asked Yechury. 

The CPI(M) general secretary said that common people, including farmers, fishermen, truckers, daily wage earners have been hit hard. “The Prime Minister is cleaning a pond to kill crocodiles but the big crocodiles have survived and only small fish are dying”, the CPI(M) stalwart said, adding that there has been a total disruption of the payment and settlement system and has impacted all citizens in one way or the other.

Mamata leads from front
  • Mamata Banerjee led a protest march from Parliament to Rashtrapathi Bhavan and sought President’s intervention in the demonetisation move 
  • Banerjee was joined by her party MPs from both the houses and J&K’s former CM and NC leader Omar Abdullah, MPs of Shiv Sena, AAP
  • After meeting the President, she said the demonetisation scheme is a financial calamity 
  • She demanded the Govt should restore normalcy as there is no vegetable, milk in the market 
  • The Trinamool Congress will move an adjournment motion in the Lok Sabha against demonetisation
  • Memorandum to Prez include demands– To suspend immediately the dictatorial and draconian step of demonetisation
  • To give time to implement a planned strategy of attacking back money, counterfeit currency and terrorism of all sorts
  • To issue suitable directions to ensure adequate supply of money of different denominations in the market immediately
  • To stop harassment of the common people by lifting of all kinds of restrictions imposed by the decision of demonitzation
  • To advise the Govt regarding drafting of a proper plan of recovering black money stacked in the country as well as in foreign countries immediately, taking the states in confidence
  • To ensure that supply of essential commodities in adequate quantities be restored in the markets forthwith
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