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We build the courage of the nation

The number of people in the nation, affected by Covid-19 has already crossed the figure of 1250. The situation is worrisome, but it is a matter of great relief that, it is under control now. The efficiency with, which India is dealing with this pandemic is being appreciated worldwide. While the World Health Organization has praised our efforts, China being a nation which has incurred the biggest challenge from this pandemic, since the very birth of Covid 19 to its long experience till date, has appreciated the efforts of our nation and said that India will conquer the pandemic before time.

At a time when a super power nation, like America is emboldened, the morale of India is resilient and determined enough to deal with this terrible epidemic. Due to the presence of this strong and unbreakable morale, this country has held Covid-19 in its second phase till now, otherwise the scene would have been entirely different by now.

If the World Health Organization is affirming, that the future of the entire world is dependent on India's efforts to combat corona, then it surely has deep implications. This is the reason, that the happiness and satisfaction expressed by WHO about these efforts is very wide. These efforts of India have allowed them to accept the role of a leader in the ongoing campaign against this sad pandemic, compared to its parallel countries or counterparts.

Whether it was the Janta curfew or the later implemented 21-days lock-down, the scenario that has emerged during the implementation of these stringent decisions, proves that not only we are the world's largest democracy, but also the most powerful and united one.That is because, despite suffering much more from Covid-19 pandemic compared to India, America has not been able to muster such decisions yet. China is probably astonished that tough decisions in the public interest can be taken and fulfilled without dictatorship.

India has not only emerged as a mature democracy in this period of suffering of Covid-19, but has also made the globe realize, the strength of its federal structure. The world is acknowledging the fact that behind the multi party system in the country, the very spirit, fundamental principles of each and every political party stay the same. When the nation posses a crisis or threat to humanity, then caste, religion, sections are all pushed away to its margins. At the same time, this political solidarity is giving strength to the country. The boundaries of the center and state, governance and administration, public representatives and the public have been shattered and there just exists, One India: One nation right now as a single unit. With brilliant coordination and synergy, this country is fighting a battle with its unseen enemy. Whether it is the medical staff, the policemen, or the sanitation-soldiers, everyone has proved that the spirit of the soldiers fighting on the border is deep down present inside all the citizens of this nation.

We will definitely attain victory over Covid-19. After that, there will be a phase of new construction and transformation. We have faith in our spirits. We will force nations like China to say one more time that India will rise and stand in front of the pandemic before time.

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